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A New Year to Silence Your Inner Rival

It is a new day, a new year, and a new opportunity to work on silencing your Inner Rival.

This time of year, people around the world set New Year’s Resolutions to work on changing and improving their lives in some fashion. Whether it is a physical goal like running a marathon, a health-related goal such as losing weight, or something work or relationship related, it doesn’t really matter what the goal is, if it is important to you.

What’s unfortunate about these goals is that is that roughly 43% of people will give up their resolution by the time it gets to February.

Now, when people fall short of reaching their resolution, it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about it or that they didn’t really try. What it means, is that most likely didn’t plan how they were going to achieve their goal over the long run. And this could have been for any number of reasons, including: too difficult of a time frame to achieve, not fully bought it, too time consuming, not realistic, or no plan, to name a few. To give yourself the best chance of achieving your resolution, you need to take the time and thought to create the right plan for you.

Very simply, rather than focusing on final resolution or goal, spend your time focusing on and planning the process that you will use to reach that goal. Break down and figure out the different steps you need to take to get to your final goal. Consider the possible obstacles and challenges that you may face and have a plan ready for them. Make sure your daily process goals are within reason so you don’t feel overwhelmed. And then take it one day at a time.

When you break down your goals into smaller more manageable steps you will find that it is much easier to sustain them over the long run and there more achievable.

So, as you move forward into the New Year and plan your resolutions, don’t spend too much time focusing on the outcome, rather spend your time focusing on the journey to get there.

Good luck silencing your Inner Rival

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