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Silencing the Negativity Within

Do you feel anxious before a game or performance?

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Silencing the Negativity Within


Do you deal with negative self-talk? Does that voice hold you back from trying something new or going after your goals? Do you experience fear or anxiety when preparing for you game or event? Do you feel unable to perform at your peak because you can't stop the mindless loop of negative chatter in your head? That's your Inner Rival at work, and it's the one thing keeping you from everything you want to achieve!

Your inner Rival knows your biggest fears, what makes you nervous, and how to make you lose focus. Jeff Butorac details the mindset solutions and emotional regulations necessary to mute the enemy within. This book shows you how to take control and Silence your Inner Rival. You'll find new ways to perform to your potential and enjoy peace of mind no matter the stakes. The author has put  numerous resources together to prepare you for whatever battles are ahead. These simple yet actionable tools can be used daily by everyone looking for more inner calm and outer strength.


Do you have negative self-talk?


"Champions aren’t made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision."
Muhammad Ali

Do you struggle with achieving your goals?

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Jeff Butorac

Jeff Butorac

After graduating from Saint John's University, where he played collegiate tennis, Jeff pursued a career in coaching basketball. Over the years, he coached at: 

  • UW-Eau Claire (Men)

  • Saint John's University (Men) 

  • Burnsville High School (Boys Assistant Coach of the Year in MN in 2014) 

  • Southern Arkansas University (Women)

Eventually becoming the Head Boys Basketball Coach at Rochester Century High School.  During this time, he also served as a high school and college tennis coach for local tennis players.

While coaching Jeff received his Masters of Science in Kinesiology--with an emphasis in Coaching.

Jeff has also received his Goal Coach & Life Coach Certifications

During his second year of head coaching Jeff developed anxiety and panic attacks that forced him to step away from coaching. This was due to the stress that he put upon himself and the negative mindset he developed. 

Jeff has since dedicated his life to working with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them Silence their Inner Rival

"As a tennis player, Inner Rival helps me to get an edge by focusing on my mental game.  Working with Coach Jeff to set goals and learn different techniques has helped me to continue to improve".
- Keely, High school tennis player.


"Having my students learn more about their Inner Rival was really a special and rewarding treat. The information provided by Jeff was age appropriate and thought provoking.  My 8th graders were engaged and enthusiastic about hat they were learning.
- Burnsville High School Science Teacher

Work with Jeff

Keynote Speaking


I will provide a thought provoking and inspiring keynote address specific to the tools and needs that you want to provide for your audience. 

Individual Consultations

I provide individualized consultations for performers and individuals from all ages and industries (athletes, coaches, musicians, sales, dancers, speakers, etc.) In these sessions the tools are personalized so that each client receives what they need to enhance their ability to perform and Silence the Inner Rival. The first introductory session is free in order to demonstrate how I can help.

Business Sessions

I will contract with businesses to provide guidance as to how Silencing your Inner Rival not only improves the work environment but also improves production as well. Offering 1 session to multiple session depending on the vision of the organization involved.

Team Consultations

I will work with athletic teams or coaching staffs on all tools or needs specific to the team. Offering 1 session to multiple sessions throughout the season or offseason depending on the needs and vision of the organization.


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