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Silence your Inner Rival

Do you feel anxious before a game or performance?

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Silencing the Negativity Within

Do you deal with negative self-talk? Does that voice hold you back from trying something new or going after your goals? Do you experience fear or anxiety when preparing for your game or event? Do you feel unable to perform at your peak because you can't stop the mindless loop of negative chatter in your head? That's your Inner Rival at work, and it's the one thing keeping you from everything you want to achieve!

Your inner Rival knows your biggest fears, what makes you nervous, and how to make you lose focus. Jeff Butorac details the mindset solutions and emotional regulations necessary to mute the enemy within. This book shows you how to take control and Silence your Inner Rival. You'll find new ways to perform to your potential and enjoy peace of mind no matter the stakes. The author has put  numerous resources together to prepare you for whatever battles are ahead. These simple yet actionable tools can be used daily by everyone looking for more inner calm and outer strength.


Do you have negative self-talk?

Jeff Butorac
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Jeff Butorac

Jeff was born and raised in Rochester MN.  He attended Saint John’s University where he received his degree in Sociology. After college, Jeff spent over a decade coaching NCAA and high school basketball and tennis, as well as getting his Masters in Kinesiology & Coaching.

Jeff has a unique talent to understand and work with athletes of all ages and skill levels. With his approach to working with athletes by helping them understand and control the voice in their head, they are able to silence the negativity and develop control they need to feel confident. 

By using tangible tools and exercises the athlete will learn to have the ability to stay focused and perform to their potential in the critical moments. 



Ingrid Neel

Professional Tennis Player

Jeff’s unique empathy and significant personal credibility makes him a world-class mentor who can guide diverse individuals to achieve their path to maximum potential. His book “Inner Rival” is a tangible playbook that distills the best of many decades of the self-help advice industry with remarkable clarity and practicality, while adding compelling new elements. Jeff speaks from lived experience and his own challenges in a world often rigidly measured in binary fashion: “win vs loss”, “success vs failure”, "credit vs blame". We all have a negative voice within, and he knows how to silence that voice and redirect it into calmness, focus and meaningful achievement. 

Brian Cosgriff

7-Time Minnesota High School Basketball State Champion Coach

"At the end of our season last year, in meeting with my players the overall consistent message I got is that my players struggled with their confidence. Jeff from Inner Rival reached out to me and we scheduled a session. Myself, as well as my players, found it to be an incredible experience, and will for sure be using his expertise throughout our upcoming season. His program will not only help the kids with their game but it will also carry over into their life off the court. Our goal as a program is to promote a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally, and Inner Rival is a perfect catalyst towards that goal, as Jeff is a former coach and player who has first hand experience in dealing with the pressures that go along with competing in today's ever challenging athletic environments."
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