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How Can Meditation Help You Achieve Your Goals?

In the world today, many of us have crazy and hectic lives. We may feel like we don’t have enough hours in the day to get done what we already have on our plate, let alone add the time for daily meditation to the list! How or why would we want to add an activity which we sit and do nothing when we’re already so busy!?

Well here are some reasons...

1) By taking just 5 minutes a day to quiet your mind and meditate, you will be able to slow those thoughts that go racing through your head all day. You are constantly thinking about something whether you are conscious of it or not. Meditation will allow you to bring more awareness to your thoughts and help slow them down. This, in turn, will all you more control of your thoughts and emotions in the future.

2) Bringing more awareness to your thoughts and emotions is key to goal setting. The better you understand what you think and feel, the better you will be able to notice different obstacles and challenges ahead of you. It will also allow more room for creativity in your solutions.

3) You will feel more energetic. Our brain uses roughly 25% of our oxygen throughout the day. By slowing down your racing thoughts and bringing more clarity to decision making, you are wasting less energy and conserving it for something more productive.

By adding just 5-7 minutes of meditation a day to your life, you will be able to start feeling all of these benefits after just a few days. It is much more difficult to calm the mind down than many people believe, but the idea isn’t to judge whether you do a good job of calming your mind or not, the idea is to just do the best you can and be present with yourself.

This idea may seem hokey to some, many top level athletes, CEOs and performers meditate on a daily basis.

So give it a try and feel the benefits!

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