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Silencing Your Inner Rival Takes Action

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just sit around relaxing and just become more confident, mentally tough, more skilled, stronger, more fit, and emotionally stable? Well unfortunately, that’s not how life works! And that is not how silencing your Inner Rival works. If you want to be able to have a stronger mindset, be able to push past discomfort, and your fears, then you are going to have to act and put in the work.

Q: Will it be fun?

A: Probably not in the short term, but will it be rewarding and give you purpose in the long run?.....Absolutely!

Q: Will it be hard?

A: Yep! You will be facing your weaknesses head on and working them into strengths that you had inside you the whole time!

Q: Will it take a long time?

A: It never stops! Life is about continual growth, and this will help you to continually grow throughout life!

Q: Why would I want to do this?

A: Because once you open your eyes to the feeling of learning to silence your Inner Rival, your life will never be the same!

We can all sit around and wish for great things to happen in our lives or waiting for the perfect conditions to go out and try to achieve that goal that we’ve always hoped for. The problem is, most likely you’ll be sitting around waiting for the rest of your life.

Instead, I propose this: work to find out what is holding you back mentally, and then put in the work physically! Set a goal, meditate, and expand your awareness, see yourself achieving it, control what you can, get out of your comfort zone, view all successes and failures as a way to grow, get past the challenges, speak to yourself with power and grace, prepare for what’s ahead, and review and learn from the past!

It is your life; therefore it is your choice. Will you be passive and hope for the best? Or will you take action and make your life the best that you can.

Good luck silencing your Inner Rival!

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