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Two You's

When it comes to self-improvement, it can be difficult to stay motivated over a long period of time. Staying consistent and being productive in our thoughts and actions can feel overwhelming if we imagine having to improve ourselves EVERY DAY. It is much easier to stay who we currently are, not to self analyze, and figure out where we can make improvements. One method that has continued to provide motivation for me is the story of “The Two You's”.

Imagine there are 2 YOUs. One has been doing things the way that you have been. This YOU doesn’t make any real changes, positive or negative. You stick with the same types of daily tasks and the same basic mindset and tendencies that you currently do. You keep your routines and stay on the path that you’re currently on.

Then, there is another you. This YOU tries to get 1% better every day by working on goals that are important to you. There will still be days that are tough and there will be set backs for that YOU, but you will have worked a little bit every day towards your goals. This YOU can become more mindful, positive, and productive in your thinking and actions. The catch is being the second YOU takes more effort every day.

When you get to be 80 years old, which YOU would you want to be?

When I first read this little story, a light bulb went on! Life is all about the choices we make! And we make them every day. We can choose to spend our time working toward goals that are meaningful to us. We can choose to spend our time strengthening our mindset, becoming more present, and being more productive with our time. Or, we can spend our time trying to be comfortable and worrying about what can make us happy in the moment.

Think about this, if you choose to try and become just 1% better every day, you will be 37x better in one year than you are today. Multiply that year over year, and anything you hope to achieve seems possible. It just takes a little bit of work!

The choices that you make now will determine the path you are on and how you will live your life. The great thing about this is that you can decide to make the right choices at any moment. Starting now, you can make the choice to set and achieve goals, become more mindful, and build more productivity and positivity into your mindset. It just takes a little more effort!

Remember, the most rewarding path is rarely the easiest or shortest one. Make the choice to improve every day, even if it takes a little more effort!

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