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What Are You Waiting For?

You have a goal that you think you want to go after. A career or degree that you maybe want to try and get. You think you want to learn a new sport or activity, but you never do…. Why??

This is one of the tricks that the your Inner Rival will play on you when you are considering getting out of your comfort zone. It will put all the reasons in your head as to why it isn’t quite the right time to make that change, go after that goal, or take that risk. It will fill your head with doubts, concerns, what ifs, and I don’t knows. Guess what….that’s normal! Anyone who went after anything that was outside of their comfort zone had these same doubts. So believe me, you aren’t unique in this sense.

How then do we get past this? First, it’s important to understand that these thoughts and feelings are going to arise, but we don’t have to entertain them for long, if at all.

Next, focus on what is within your control. Which as we know is your thoughts and actions. When you focus on all the what if’s or possible outcomes it often becomes overwhelming.

Lastly, take small, actionable steps and focus on each small step at a time. By paying attention to only the step you are working on at that time, it will lessen the chance of feeling overwhelmed by what’s ahead.

Getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new or going after a big goal is never easy, but who ever said life would be easy?!?

Good luck Silencing Your Inner Rival

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