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You Can't Be Courageous Without Fear

Everyone has fears. Whether that’s a fear of failing, public speaking, spiders, heights, or flying, there is a fear our there for everyone. And often people try to avoid that fear at all costs.

Also, most people love a story about a courageous effort, and would love to be considered a courageous person themselves as well. The thing is it is impossible to be courageous without being afraid. In fact, the very definition of courage is, not deterred by danger or pain.

Your Inner Rival with take all those fears that you have, big or small, and will do it’s best to amplify them to the point that you give in and avoid them at all costs. That way, you are guaranteed to be safe. No pain, no danger. The thing is, as long as you sit in that comfort zone of fear, you will never grow, and you will never have the opportunity to be courageous.

If you want to be courageous, you need to do what you can to silence your Inner Rival from taking your fears and magnifying them to the point the Inner Rival has control. You have the ability to take control of that voice and build your confidence so you are able to take those fears head on. Being courageous doesn’t mean you’re not afraid, it means that you have silenced your Inner Rival for that moment and didn’t let the fear win. You went through the fear.

I hope that you don’t wish that you never had any fears, because if that was the case, you would never have the chance to be courageous. And that’s an opportunity that we should all take advantage of when we can.

Silence your Inner Rival

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